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Using the PERQ CRM Mobile App

Quickly receive and follow up with leads, right from your mobile phone

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Video Transcript

Hey there and welcome back. Today we're going to talk about the mobile app for PERQ CRM. By downloading the mobile app to your phone, you'll be able to take PERQ CRM wherever you go, including out on the showroom floor so you can follow up with leads. 

With the mobile app and push notifications enabled, you'll get an alert every single time a lead is assigned to you. That way you can quickly follow up and never miss an opportunity to make a sale. 

Let's get started with that push notification. When a lead is assigned to you, you'll get a notification like this. By clicking on a notification, you'll go straight into the app where you can gather more information. 

After the app opens, you'll see the contacts screen. Ensure that you are viewing My Contacts, and then click into the lead that was assigned.

When you opened the lead record, it will look similar to what you see on the desktop version. All of your tabs are located at the bottom of the screen. 

  • Inside the PERQ tab we can see information about what the lead did on the website. 

  • The attachments tab, where right from our phone we can upload images or documents pertaining to that sales opportunity. 

  • The history tab, where we can see all of the past lead activity. 

  • The appointments tab, where we can track in-store activity. 

  • The tasks tab, where we can track or follow up. 

  • And the deals section.

For more information on each of these tabs, please see our training library for more videos. 

From the mobile app, you are also able to follow up with leads via phone call, email, and text. To do any of the above, click the icon by the contacts name at the top of the contact record. 

The phone will call right from your cell phone. So before you click the phone icon, be sure this is what you want to do. 

Emails are sent from within the CRM using your email address. Responses will go directly to you. 

All texts will be sent from the PERQ CRM using your provisioned phone number, and all their responses will be available in the CRM. 

For more on these contact methods, please see our training videos on email and texting.

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