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Logging Activity in PERQ CRM

How to use the History and Attachments tab to see activity and add information to a contact record

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Video Transcript

By logging the activities on all your leads in PERQ CRM, you're going to keep an up-to-date record of each of your leads activities in your follow up. As your website volume grows and your leads increase, this is going to be a really helpful tool to keep all this information straight, and avoid asking the same customer for their information more than once. Let's get to it.

Past activities are housed in the activities section of the contact record. This is how you can keep track of all your interactions. For example, calling and leaving a voicemail, completing a conversation, or sending an email are referred to as activities. 

Some activities in the PERQ CRM will be automatically logged for you, such as emails and texts sent directly out of PERQ CRM. Phone calls, on the other hand, are not automatically logged as in most instances you'll call from a phone at your store instead of from your cell phone. 

Let's use a phone call as an example. To add an activity, click on the new activity button. On this form, the location and user will automatically populate for you. If a lead has multiple deals attached, you'll also need to select the deal. 

More information is available on deals in the deals video.

In the activity tag section, this is where you'll create tags for the type of activity you completed. For phone calls, we recommend using two types of tags. 

  • Phone call attempted, for when you've called and left a voicemail; and 

  • Phone call completed, for when you actually have spoken to the customer. 

The last section is for any additional notes you'd like to keep about the follow up.

In addition to activities, the attachment section further helps you keep everything in one location, giving you a place to store files such as a product image from the showroom floor. Attachments can be uploaded from your device using the choose file button.

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