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Understanding Contact Records in PERQ CRM

Use the PERQ tab to see a lead’s website and engagement activity

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Video Transcript

Individual contact records in PERQ CRM hold a ton of useful information about your leads. In this video we're going to dive into an individual contact record and show you what all that information is and where to find it. 

At the top of each contact record, you'll see the lead's name and contact information, as well as these communication icons. We'll dive into emailing and texting contacts in future videos. 

If you ever need to edit a lead's contact information or transfer a lead to a different salesperson, we use the edit button at the top left. You'll make the changes you need and then hit save.

Under the contact information we have a number of tabs. On the far left you'll see the deals, pending tasks, and appointment tabs. Each of these tabs has its own training video. 

In this video, we'll focus on the PERQ and history tabs. When managing a brand new lead from PERQ, you'll start on the PERQ tab, located to the far right. The PERQ tab is where you'll find the most recent helpful information about that person's activity on the website, including experience answers, then a product of interest with SKU number.

Products of interest show the most recent product the lead was looking at when they requested more information, looked for a special offer or asked a question. Below product of interest we have a brief website history and any information they requested from you through a PERQ website experience. 

Next door, the history tab gives a full picture of the leads engagement with a website as well as any logged followup that may have already taken place. The information on these pages allows you to personalize your followup communication with your assigned leads. 

For more information on following up with leads and the attachments tab, watch our videos on lead followup.

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