Emailing Contacts in PERQ CRM

How to use email to follow up with leads in PERQ CRM

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Video Transcript

Hey there, now that we've reviewed the contact records, and know how to learn a little bit more about our leads, I'm going to show you how we can use PERQ CRM to follow up with each of these leads. Let's get to it.

To follow up with a lead via email, we'll click the email icon. From here, select the template you'd like to use. PERQ CRM enables managers to come in and create email templates to help you facilitate follow up. 

To customize your email, look for any highlighted sections in the template. Remove the highlighted text, and replace it with the relevant information for your contact. Once your email is how you want it, you can hit send. The email will go directly to the consumer from the email address you use to log into PERQ CRM.

Any responses from the consumer will go straight to your inbox, not to PERQ. After the email is sent out of PERQ CRM, this activity will be added to the contact’s history tab so you'll have a record of communication to this lead. We'll talk more about the history tab in a future training video.

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