Texting Contacts in PERQ CRM

How to use texting to follow up with contacts in PERQ CRM

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Welcome back. Let's talk about texting. With PERQ CRM, you're able to text your leads directly out of the CRM platform using a provisioned phone number within your store's area code. This functionality is super convenient for your customers because you're contacting them where they already are, on their cell phone. For guidelines and best practices for texting, please see your manager or see the PERQ best practice guide for texting. Let's get into it and show you how to text using the CRM. 

To follow up with a lead via text message with PERQ CRM, you'll first locate that lead's individual contact record. To send a text message, simply click on the texting bubble from the contact card. From here, you can view the list of text messages that have been sent back and forth between the lead and the store. 

To send a message using a text template, click the plus button on the left side of the message box.  Then select template. Then select which template you'd like to use. When the template is selected, the text will populate and you can edit it from the message field before hitting the send button. 

If you'd like to send a custom message instead, insert your message directly into the text field. When your message is ready, click the send icon.

You're also able to send a photo or video from your device by clicking on the plus sign next to the text field and selecting photo library. 

When the lead responds to your message, you'll receive an email and push notification just like when that lead was originally assigned, letting you know that the customer is waiting for a reply. 

To see all of your active conversations, we will navigate to the messages section. From this screen, you'll see all of your recent messages. The system will not automatically remove conversations from this view, so we recommend cleaning it out every few days by clicking the "X" on conversations that are no longer active. Removing a conversation from this screen will not delete it entirely. All messages will be stored on individual contact records.

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