Using Tasks in PERQ CRM

How to make your follow-up process easier using tasks in PERQ CRM

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Video Transcript

Hey there, welcome back! When following up with leads, remembering to do so can sometimes be the hardest part. 

In this video we're going to go over tasks in PERQ CRM, and show you how using tasks can help make this follow-up process just a little bit easier. Let's get into the CRM.

A pending task is a reminder to you delivered by email and push notification to complete an activity or follow up with a lead. Pending tasks are automatically created when a lead requests more information, asks a question, replies to a text message, or requests a consultation on your website. You, and sales managers, can also create your own pending tasks if you want to be reminded to follow up with a lead at a later date.

To create a pending task we click on the add task button. From here, select a date you want to follow up with that lead. In the followup tag section start typing the contact method you want to use to follow up with that lead. For example, phone, email, or text. Finally, enter any notes that will help you remember what this followup is about, and then click Save.

On the day your task is due you'll receive an email in the morning, as well as a few push notifications throughout the day, ensuring that you complete that task. 

Once the task is completed, come back to the pending task section and click on the gear button, then select Complete Task. Completed tasks will automatically be added to the history tab for full visibility.

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