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From the previous videos, you should be aware that there are now two different types of processes to think through on how to execute your digital sales strategy, the leads process and the digital ups process. So today we're going to dive into and look at the different types of roles and the people you're looking for to be able to execute those processes.

So within your business you have three types of structures to look to choose from on how to be able to put those people in the right positions to succeed. There's going to be a combined structure you can choose from, there is a decentralized, and there is a centralized. And so we'll dive into each one of those now.

For the combined structure, we find this works best for small stores. This is where one person will be executing both processes. They will need to think about the fact they're almost wearing two different types of hats as they go about executing their day in the processes you have put in place for them to be able to execute, taking digital leads and turning them all the way into in store sales.

For a decentralized structure, this works best for almost medium-sized types of businesses, either large stores where you have just a couple, or a smaller stores and you have multiple. But we're looking at breaking up these processes between two different types of people, but both people will be located in the stores. So you will then be taking the leads and routing them to the individual stores that you have and then the strategy of executing those processes by those people will be done at each individual store.

For the centralized, we will be taking and having a centralized team. Sometimes it can be a chat team or an internet sales team that will be taking all those leads and doing all the followup process necessary to create a conversation. And then will be routing that lead to the store where the digital ups process will be executed by the digital ups specialists located at that individual store.

Specialist characteristics. So now that we've actually covered the different structures that you can use, let's actually talk about the qualities we find that make up the individuals that you will have to choose from to execute these strategies.

So lead specialists, these are people who aren't necessarily salespeople. So a lot of times we think about, oh, it's a lead, I need to give this to a salesperson. You don't need to do this for the lead specialist. It needs to be people who are more process oriented, people who enjoy working with technology, have good writing skills, enjoy text messaging, and liked to be able to have that feeling of when they've created an opportunity for someone else, when that person comes and says, "Hey, I closed that opportunity you set up." and they get a nice rewarding feeling from that. These are the types of people you're looking for. You also can delegate this work to people who are new hires, office support people, salespeople who are looking to ramp up. So you have options for this type of role because it doesn't have to be your primary sales team that is actually out on the floor.

For your digital ups specialists we are looking for that sales type person. We're looking for that product expert. We're looking for certain stars to be able to shine in this process but usually will not be the same stars that you find on your floor right now. Those people usually are so successful that you will find, have a feeling of, "Why should I be having to do this? I'm already great the way that I am." You're looking for that person who actually loves process, loves technology, loves text messaging, but most importantly knows that this is how they tend to shop when they're actually looking to buy something and is actually enjoying the feeling of helping to service somebody in a unique way that they would appreciate. Those people will excel at taking that conversation and turning it into an in-store appointment and giving a great VIP experience to that customer.

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