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We're now going to dive into the leads process so you have all the information necessary on how to take a lead that comes into you in the CRM and how to get that lead to engage with you so it becomes a digital up and a real sales opportunity. We're going to be covering this handy guide that we've created that has all the information necessary to help you better succeed. Hopefully you have this with you, so that way you're able to take notes to be able to increase your chances for success. 

So, diving into here on engaging leads. First of all, remember, a lead is someone who has not yet asked a question. Everything you're doing is trying to get that to occur, and you're hoping to be able to get this done one out of five times.

Not everyone is going to engage with you. You are the digital equivalent of going through the store and checking to be able to see who actually needs help. When someone does actually engage with you and is looking for help, that is when you're going to bring in a product expert to be able to continue that conversation. So, you're going to help that person by bringing in the expert, and then you're moving on to the next one to be able to see if you can bring help. You're going to be doing that in the digital world with all the consumers that came through as leads and informing them that you can bring some great expertise their way, and you're going to follow this strategy to be able to get that done. 

How we do that is using the two minute drill. Let's bring this to life.

The first thing you're going to do when that lead comes into the CRM is be able to check is this a new or an existing customer? You're going to use that to be able to personalize the appropriate response to them. You're then going to look at everything you can see on that lead, all the PERQ experiences and all the products they looked at, because that's the information you're going to use to be able to better personalize the questions you're going to ask. 

Once you end up finding out what they have been looking at on the website, what of all of that can you use to personalize to them? What special offers are appropriate to the information that you learned? What styles did they have that you can use to be able to personalize a question to? And then, what things can you add into to be able to get the lead to take the next step? So, offer assistance. Sell the visit and sell the VIP appointment. You're constantly looking to be able to move it to the next step. 

And then always, always, always end with a personalized question. Everything that you're doing on this is to try to learn the consumer the best you can from the information they provided to ask that question that causes that consumer to say let me see how they can help me. So, always look for ways that you can see that. If I ask this question, they'll see how helpful I can be.

Some additional tips for success that you can use on this two minute drill. Be fast on your initial reach out when that lead comes in. The faster, the better. We call it speed to lead, is critical. The quicker you are, the more likely that consumer was right there on their devices, looking to be able to engage. Always schedule your next follow up step as soon as you do the first initial reach out. It's critical to be able to help you remember when it is that you need to follow up and what you've said before. Offer the VIP appointment whenever you can. You have a VIP image that you can use to be able to summarize that, to make it seem as valuable as possible. Make sure to drop that into your follow up.

And then, whenever it is appropriate to where you know that this person is engaged and you need to handle it off to the digital up specialist, let them know that they're getting ready to engage with someone that has a great deal of expertise to help them. They're not going to care that you were the one that was reaching out and all of a sudden they're now handed off to an expert if you do the appropriate piece of hey, with that question you just asked, I'm going to tee you up to this specialist, who's going to be able to better serve you. That is how you're able to give a great consumer experience to this customer.

When you're reaching out through text messaging, always make sure to introduce yourself first and foremost, and make sure to type pretty. When we say type pretty, it's intended to make sure to remind you that this lead does not know you. They don't know the fun, happy person behind your text messages the way your friends do, so you can't just give the one word, two word text messages. You're looking to always make sure to be able to be as polite and professional as possible, and always make sure to check your spelling. Your outreach plan that you're going to be doing, there's going to be a 90 day email nurture that's going to be provided to this consumer to make sure you're always staying in touch with them, but you're going to be adding in the personal touch of the text messages. When that lead engages with you, the email nurturing will turn off. So, those will end as soon as we actually see that this lead actually asked you a question.

Until then, you're going to make sure you're going to use text messaging to reach out to them on day one, when that lead comes in, and hopefully as soon as possible when that lead came in. And then you're also going to do that same thing on day four and day seven with different types of questions. You have the text messaging templates to be able to know what options are there for you to be able to choose from, which are also going to add that personal touch at looking at what you learned from that consumer based on what they were doing on the website, so that way you can add in your own personal touch with that personal information that you've learned to make it more likely they respond back to you.

Now let's look at some additional texting strategies you can use to increase the likelihood that they respond to you. First, always make sure to text from the CRM so that you and all the digital up specialists are able to see everything that you've been able to send them and what they answered back, as well as be able to keep track of all the tasks that you're going to be doing. You can do that through the app or from the CRM on the desktop, but make sure you keep it all within that. As I've said before, always make sure to introduce yourself in the first texts, and then make sure to leave your name at the end of it just so that they can have a personalization to who it is that is asking them these questions. Watch spelling and be adorable in your text messaging. Feel free to use gifs or emojis when appropriate. And then, always look for those personal questions that you can tie in the information you learned about them to be asking those questions.

I've covered that a few times. It should be on here 10 more times because it's that important to you, to make sure you ask personalized questions. When doubt always express that you're here to help. And then, remember, you'll get the occasional stop. That is just like the same thing if you were going around the store and asking do you need any help? How can I help you? Sometimes you're going to get the no thanks, I'm just looking. And then they're going to leave the store. In text messaging, that may come across as a stop. Please don't send me any more texts. That's just the digital equivalent of no thanks, I'm just looking. So remember, when you're first reaching out to these consumers, you have entered their personal space that they normally reserve for friends and family. So, always be polite, be professional, and always express that you're here to help. And if they ever do say to stop, then just give them their space and move on to the next opportunity.

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