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We'll now dive into the digital ups process so you have all the information you need to be able to be successful taking a digital up and turning it into an in store sale. We'll be covering this handy resource guide that we've made available to you and hopefully that's in front of you so that you can take some notes on to be able to be more successful.

So we'll dive in here. The first thing to remember is that a digital up is a consumer who is asked a question and is now ready for you to be able to answer and be able to help make it more likely they choose you on their in-store visit. So the goal here, first and foremost is that you want to take one out of four of these and turn them into a sale or an in-store visit.

That will then give you more opportunities in-store to be able to be making sales. So you're not going to be successful in every single one of these, but everything we're going to cover today is how you're going to be able to know that one out of four times this conversation you're having is going to lead to a transaction. So how do we get started?

So when this up comes into your CRM, the first thing you want to do is check is this a customer that someone has worked with previously or is this a totally new prospect? You're then going to frame your message appropriately based on whether they are a customer or whether they're new prospect.

Then dig into the information that comes into the CRM. You will see everything that that consumer was doing on the website. You will see the PERQ experience they interacted with, what information was provided to them as well as the actual items on the website that they were reviewing.

So you should be able to see things like what style that they were told they are, what sofa recommendation they were given, what specific products they were looking at and what specific offers they were checking. All of this is the way that you learn the consumer to be able to know how to personalize your message to them.

Next, identify specifically in the question what they're looking for you to answer, but treat that question the same way that you do in store. You would never take that question and just say, "I have to do is give the answer. And once I give the answer, that's all I need to know and it's all I'm going to give and move on."

You're going to see that question as an opportunity to be able to build a relationship and engage with. And how you do that is look at everything that they were looking at in the website and their question, and figure out how to be a better consultant. And that is where you come with additional alternatives. So you're going to research other ways to be able to add value in your answer.

So offering additional accessories, another option, asking whether there's more price or quality that they're interested in. You want to be able to be prepared to be able to be that consultant.

And then finally prepare everything in the most concise way possible that you can answer and outline your strategy to take this consumer from a digital up into an in-store sale. So some additional tips for success. Be fast when that question comes into you.

That consumer, when they asked that question, was looking for an answer as immediate as possible. They didn't want to call in, they didn't want to come visit yet, but they wanted to be able to have an answer through the ways that they're comfortable engaging with you, and that is through text messaging. So be fast with it.

If you know you're not going to immediately have the answer available to you and you need to go check, look at something, take pictures on the floor, that's great. But make sure that you let them know that it may be a few minutes until you get back with them.

Make your message personal to them at all times. Always try to include your name in the response as well. So you want to personalize to them and you want to make sure that you're also making sure that you identify yourself so that makes it more likely that they ask for you when they come into the store.

Always end with asking a question just like what you do in store. Always make sure to take all the information you have available and end with a question because you're wanting them to engage back with you. Your job is not here to be a customer service agent and just answer a question.

Your job is to take that question and be able to help engage, be a professional consultant and make it more likely they want to come in-store to be able to work with you on their busy, busy day or Saturday when they're taking the time to say, "It's time for me to come in-store."

When that occurs where you're able to schedule an appointment, make sure you do it in the CRM and that is where text message reminders and emails will be sent to that consumer to make it much more likely. They remember the time to be able to come in and if they need to reschedule, they can let you know.

Moving on here while you're text messaging with this consumer, remember to type pretty. I know that's an unusual way to describe that, but it's intentional to make sure you remember that you cannot just text with the consumer the way you would with one of your friends or family members. They know you, they know the friendly, fun person that you are behind that one word, two word text answer.

The consumer does not know that, yet. There is still a wall between you that you need to help break down and the best way to do that is to be overly polite. Making sure that you type and your spelling is correct. Type pretty.

Your follow-up plan. You're going to be on a 10 day outreach plan that you're going to plan with this consumer, this digital up that has come to you on day one. You're going to answer their question and then ask that next question to try to get that conversation going immediately.

You're going to be fast on responding that first time and hopefully it keeps going right then. If it doesn't, you will have scheduled your reminder to be able to follow up on day four. That is when you're going to take all the information you learned about that consumer on the website and ask another personal question trying to be able to get them to engage with you.

You're going to do the same thing on day seven and day 10 if you don't hear from that consumer. Always making sure to let them know that you're looking to help and that you're making sure they understand how valuable you can be just from the comfort of their home, or while they're on the go that they can ask any question that you can help with.

If they haven't responded after 10 days, we are going to move onto the next valuable digital up and know that this one might not be the one that comes in-store to be able to purchase from you. Just like not everybody buys from you that comes in-store and starts working with you. Not every single one of these is going to turn into a fantastic opportunity.

Remember, we're looking for one out of four to make sure we turn into a transaction in-store, an appointment, or sale. Now let's dive into some additional texting strategies that can make you more successful. 

So first of all, always text from the CRM. This is to be able to help organize all the communication that you're going to have across all the digital ups that you're handling. It makes it easier to be able to schedule tasks as well. So whether using the desktop or using the app, make sure not to get confused and actually use your own text messaging, personal streams while you're communicating with these digital ups. 

Make sure to always use appropriate and personalized messages when you get the chance. So I've covered using questions before. I should do it an additional five times because it's extremely important to always be asking questions to keep that conversation going. 

Watch spelling and be adorable. So by adorable, we mean when the conversation may stall make sure that you can feel comfortable using gifs, emojis, things that actually showcase your personality so it's just not a stale, bland message.

If the conversation gets to a point to where it's gone on for a few times, you're always looking to be scheduling an appointment when you can to be able to say, "Why don't we just come in-store?"

But sometimes the conversation gets to a point to where it's, well, "They're not ready to come in for an appointment, but wow, we're starting to text back and forth a lot and my texts are getting longer, longer." Offer to get on the phone, send them your contact information, ask for theirs that just like you would with your friends at some point it just comes to a point where it's, "Hey, can we just get on the phone to be able to knock this out?" Feel free to do that with the consumers. It's a great way to be able to build a relationship towards that next step.

Sell the value of the VIP appointment whenever you can. So you're always trying to be able to move that into the store. You have an image that's been made available to you to make that easy to do. So make sure to include that when it's just, you know, "Hey, why don't you just come in store and I'll be able to make this a lot easier. Schedule an appointment and I'll be able to give you a Royal VIP treatment. When you get in here."

Remember, all the follow-up that you schedule every single one of those is selling. You would never just be able to just say, "What can I help you with? How are you today?" You're always looking to be able to encourage a response by dropping the special offers that you may have available to you at that time. You guys are probably always having some sort of promotion or something unique to offer and make sure that is always made apparent to the consumer while you're texting back and forth.

Be fast on your response to these digital ups, but remember if you're also servicing in store ups, those have to come first. Do not start texting the digital ups when an opportunity comes in if you're handling an in-store up. They don't know that you're also handling another customer at that point. It seems like that you're texting messaging with a friend at that time.

So make sure to always give those in-store ups the most attention possible. And at times while you're going through this process, you're going to have a consumer that says, "Please stop texting me." That is just the same as if they were in store when you asked to see if you can help one of them saying, "No thanks, I'm just looking today."

So in the digital communication, sometimes it may come across a little colder than that of what they would do in person. No big deal. Move on to the next opportunity, give them their space and move on to the next one just like you would in-store if somebody walked out of the store on you after they told you that they were just looking at that time.

So a couple of pro tips that you can use on some questions that we have found to be extremely successful of moving to the next stage. So one of these is when the text messages get going a little bit, you know, too long to where you're like, "Is this actually going to move to the next step?"

Go ahead and ask them, "Can I provide you some more details on the phone or would you like to schedule a VIP appointment?" Give them those two options. Pick one because either one of those moves, the relationship to the next level or at great one is, "Should I go ahead and place a hold on this item until you come in?" Most people don't want somebody to do something that isn't going to happen.

So if that is not going to happen, they will engage with you and say, please don't or be able to give you actually the next step they would like you to take because they don't want you to be put out putting a hold on an item if they don't intend to come in to purchase those. So two great questions to be able to drop when the situation arises for it to be appropriate.

So let's now talk about some additional personalization strategies you can use when the digital up hasn't immediately engaged and you're doing your follow-up. So remember how I talked about all that information you can see that the consumer gave to you based on the PERQ experiences they went through on the website as well as some products that you saw that they were looking at.

So these are some examples that you can utilize if they went through quizzes, look at that information and personalize a question back to what you learned from them. Leverage the facts, you know what style they were told, challenge them on. Is that actually the style that is you? If so, let me find some items that are great for you. If not, you can help be able to find some items that fit the style they feel that they are. But that is a great way to be able to start a conversation with someone.

Additionally, if you know the products of interest that they were looking at, be able to make suggestions of some customers of yours previously that were looking at this product. They also enjoyed some other items. Would it be okay if I send those to you? Get the answer from them to be saying yes to be able to start that conversation.

So just some additional ways to be able to look at both of these unique experiences and the information behind them to be able to help you be able to frame the right question to be able to get response.

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