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Managing Deals in PERQ CRM

Learn how Deals help you manage your open opportunities using PERQ CRM

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Video Transcript

Hey there and welcome back. Let's talk about deals. Deals in PERQ CRM help you separate the customer from the potential purchase that they're about to make. Deals can be extremely helpful for customers who are going to purchase multiple things over an extended period of time. 

The easiest way to remember what a deal is, is to think of it as a representation of every time you have an opportunity to make a sale. 

Let's get into the deal section to check it out.

Each deal represents an opportunity to sell merchandise to the customer. Deals have three stages, active, won, and lost. 

  • An active deal means that you are actively working on this lead. 

  • A won deal means that you know you closed the sale with this lead. 

  • A lost deal indicates that you are no longer working with this lead and do not plan to reach out again.

When a PERQ lead comes in, the deal stage will automatically be set for you. 

The first section of the deal for you to enter is the interested in merchandise. Here you can use the tags to indicate what type of merchandise the customer is looking for. You're then able to project the sale amount, adjust the probability to purchase, and set a close date, as well as add any additional notes you may have. As the deal progresses, you'll come back to this section and update this information.

When you close a deal, come back to the deal section and mark the deal as won. 

Keeping your deal statuses up to date with best practices, as we discussed, will give your managers the insight they need into the types of follow-ups and lead activities that you've done that become a closed one sale.

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