Creating Email Templates in PERQ CRM

How to create email templates for your team in PERQ CRM

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Hey, managers. Let's face it, writing emails can be hard and time consuming for our teams. With email templates in PERQ CRM, you can take some of that burden off of your team by providing them guidance on what to say in each email, yet email templates also provide them the flexibility to customize each message to the customer's request. Let's get in to email templates in PERQ CRM.

To create email templates for your team in PERQ CRM, navigate to the settings section from the left hamburger menu. Once you found settings, go to contacts, email templates, user templates. We will not use drip or followup templates today. From user templates, click the new message template button.

First you'll want to make the template available to all users so your team can use it. Then you'll name your template.

Now let's get to the content. You can create a subject line here and then we'll work on the body copy of the email. As you create your body copy, you can use the merge fields button to pull information from the contact or sales person, such as their first name or email address. 

If you want your sales team to customize a part of the message, we recommend highlighting that part in red so that the salesperson can easily see what they need to edit before sending the email.

You're also able to add images to your emails. For example, if you're offering a promotion or getting the news out about an upcoming sale, you could upload that image here. To insert images, click on the mountain icon, upload your image and insert it into the email

If you'd prefer to edit the email in HTML, we have an HTML editor available as well.

Once you have everything as you want it, be sure to hit save. Once your template is saved, your email template will be ready for use. 

The only thing you won't be able to edit here in the email template editor is the header and footer of your email. To change the header and footer, we will navigate to the styles and links section. 

When you first start with PERQ CRM, we will help you with the headers and footers for emails, so you shouldn't need to change these all too often. If you have further questions about email templates or need a little help, please reach out to your CSM here at PERQ. 

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