Receiving Leads and Contacts in PERQ CRM

Everything you need to know for receiving your first assigned lead in PERQ CRM

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Video Transcript

Hey there, and welcome to PERQ CRM. In this video training series, we're going to give you all the tools that you need to start learning how to use the CRM to follow-up on leads and to close some deals. Let's get started.

In this video we're going to talk about the lead assignment process, and what happens when your manager assigns you a lead. So let's start there. When a manager assigns you a lead in the PERQ CRM, you'll receive an email with the lead information, as well as a push notification from the mobile app, if you have the app downloaded, and push notifications turned on. Right from the push notification, you'll be able to swipe and open the app. Inside the CRM, leads are referenced as contacts.

Throughout this training series. We will use the terms lead, and contact interchangeably. To locate a lead that has been assigned to you in the PERQ CRM, navigate to contact manager, and contacts from the left hamburger menu to see all of your leads. From the search bar on the top right, you can search for a contact by name.

By default, contacts will be listed in alphabetical order. We can change the view of this report by clicking the filter icon up here next to my contacts. For example, to see your most recent leads, filter by date entered and descending. Each contact row contains the leads high-level information.

For every PERQ lead, we will assign it a stage based on the lead’s website engagement, and add a flag if the lead has made an inquiry and they are waiting on specific information from your store. Red means that this is a hot lead. The customer has actively engaged with your website, and reached out to you for more information. Yellow, means that this is the middle of the road active lead. Blue means that this is a pre-lead. When you've located the lead you were looking for, click anywhere in that row to open the contact record. 

In the next video, we'll cover the details of individual contact records.

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