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Lesson 5: CRM Training for Digital Sales Success

Leveraging a CRM will help your team follow up on leads, be more productive and increase sales. Here's how to get started on the PERQ CRM.

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Tracking every customer’s journey, from website to inside the store, isn’t easy. Yet, the PERQ CRM exists to help you and shoppers on your website stay on the same page. Easily follow up with online leads by centralizing data in a single platform that prioritizes follow up on website leads, tracks your team’s activity and helps increase sales. 

With a cloud-based CRM system, you can store all your customers’ lead data with detailed histories in one place accessible on any device. Enable your salespeople to form stronger connections, deeper knowledge of the shoppers visiting your website and build personalized experiences before in-store visits. 

Gaining visibility into each customer’s preferred form of communication and shopping preferences, your sales team can facilitate personalized interactions with customers. PERQ CRM includes text and email capabilities, along with customizable templates. The software logs all outreach communication with customers to provide a history of interactions. Additionally, view unattended customers within the CRM and assign leads to your team in the Retail Up System to avoid missing sales opportunities. Surprisingly, data shows that without a CRM, over 70% of online leads fail to convert. 

Providing your staff with better, real-time customer data empowers them to deliver exceptional customer outreach and boosts productivity. An accurate and up-to-date CRM, available to everyone on any device, allows store employees to easily identify and proactively resolve customer challenges before they move on to a competitor. 

Training your team on how to use the CRM will be critical to your success to boost online to in-store sales. 

Use these training resources and don’t hesitate to reach out to your client success manager for additional guidance:

[Watch] CRM Training Video 

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