Lesson 3: Digital Sales Structure & Process

Stay on track to reach your goals by defining a strategy and using these training materials to give your team structure.

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Once leads start to come into the CRM and conversations start to get going, it’s easy to get distracted. Providing your team with a specific process will help them stay on-track toward your ultimate vision and better enable them to handle more volume as you continue on this journey.

As with any process, it’s important that the process fits for your team. It might feel difficult at first — after all, all change has challenges. After some time, the process you choose should start becoming natural to your team. If it’s not, then it’s ok to re-evaluate and make improvements.

We’ve compiled some great resources and training materials to help you with the followup process and to keep a solid structure in place for your team.. You’ll learn more about the leads and digital ups followup process, along with which leads to reach out to first; the magic formula for following up with leads to close the sale; best practices for texting shoppers; workflows for following up with different types of leads; and more.

And, when it’s all said and done — remember your cadence: 3 to 5 attempts over 7 to 10 days is what you need to get those conversations rolling!

Use these resources to get you started:

[Watch] The Digital Sales Strategy 

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