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Lesson 2: Building Your Digital Sales Team

Define who on your team will support your digital sales efforts to make you successful in turning online leads to in-store sales.

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Now that you have a vision, you must determine what potential obstacles you’ll face and how to get buy-in from the team. The next step is to find your digital sales champion. Having a champion is almost as important as your vision. Your champion is committed to achieving what you’ve set out to accomplish and will drive your team to see it through.

Your champion probably won’t be the CEO of your company. They may not even have an official leadership role. This person leads through their own actions and attitude, and has the time and willingness to take ownership over this initiative.

Think about that employee who is respected by the team as a leader. Do they adapt to change well? And, are they excited about improving sales?

The second phase of building your digital sales team is determining who should be a digital ups specialist. Appoint someone or multiple people from your existing sales team that believes in the digital sales strategy and knows you can turn online leads into in-store sales. Digital ups specialists are efficient and driven and have a great knowledge of the products you sell. 

Digital ups are consumers who have asked a question and and/or scheduled an appointment and need assistance ASAP. They’ll be flagged in your CRM as Red or Yellow Leads WITH a red flag attached. And it’s critical the digital ups specialists follow up quickly.

Your digital sales team will rely heavily on technology to facilitate these digital conversations in the CRM with text messaging, so it is essential that you’ve selected a team of people who are comfortable and enjoy using technology every day.

Use these resources below to help you build out your digital sales team and help your digital ups specialist(s) get started.

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