Welcome to the Home Furnishing Industry's first Digital Sales Training Program.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Scott Hill, the executive chairman and co-founder of PERQ and I'm excited to bring you the Home Furnishings Industry's first ever digital sales training. Now for a little background, digital sales is the process of taking visitors to your website and turning them into in store appointments and sales. Now how do you do that? Well, you're going to have the opportunity to have conversations with customers before they're in your store through text messaging, answering their questions, and reaching out and helping them guide them through the purchase journey so that they end up in your store purchasing from you.
We developed this curriculum in conjunction by partnering with Kain University. Kain University is founded by David Kain and he has a lifetime of experience in the automotive industry. Now why is that important? Because the automotive industry is the master of reaching out to customers before they're in the dealership and helping them plan their purchase so it's more likely that they choose that dealership to start their car buying experience with in person. So, he now nationally consults many, many clients and has always ranked as one of the best digital sales trainers.
I will be your guide along the way taking the curriculum of David and re-purposing it for the home furnishings industry so you too can benefit from his expertise. So, look forward to many videos and instructional tips along the way.ย 

We put our heads together and repurposed everything for the eight steps of digital sales success. So you can expect your journey to follow this path so you too can become an expert at digital sales.

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