Multifamily Cloud Frequently Asked Questions
Curious about our multifamily solution? From performance and analytics, to features and lead management, here is a collection of questions frequently asked about the PERQ Multifamily Cloud.
Overview of Website Conversion for Multifamily
Overview of Lead Nurture for Multifamily
Overview of Marketing Intelligence for Multifamily
New Client Orientation
Why Should I Provide Editing Access to my Google Analytics Profile?
How do I Give You Editing Access to my Google Analytics?
What Happens If I Don't Have Benchmark Data to Work With?
What does the onboarding/training look like?
Do You Offer Training for Our Leasing Specialists at Each Property?
What Does Training Look Like for Leasing Agents?
How Can PERQ Experiences Feed Into or Compliment My Current Processes?
What Are the Benefits of Using the New Customer Welcome Experience?
How Will PERQ Experiences Impact Page Load Times?
Why Should I Consider Using PERQ’s Experiences if I Already Have Tools Such as Contact Us, Schedule a Tour or Check Availability?
How Will PERQ Experiences Impact Search (SEO)?
How Will PERQ Experiences Impact Bounce Rates on my Website?
Is PERQ’s solution compliant with Google’s mobile guidelines regarding pop-ups?
Where Can I Find Benchmark Data for my Property?
How Long Will PERQ Experiences Remember a Consumer if They Return to My Website?
Is PERQ Technology Mobile-Friendly and Responsive?