PERQ’s AI Platform fully integrates with Knock’s CRM. The full suite of integration points with Knock for PERQ’s Platform includes: ​

Knock Prospect Creation API

  • Lead Insert ​

Knock Scheduling API

  • Calendar Sync ​

  • Live Video Tour and In-Person Tour Appointment Insert

Set-up Steps Needed to Complete Integration

Community ID

This is unique per property and each individual ID is needed per property ​

Please connect with your Knock rep to confirm, as needed. ​

Enable System Preferences:

  • Tour Types ​

  • In-Person ​

  • Live Video ​

To be able to accurately show availability the following must be done:

  • property hours configured in Knock ​

  • The correct time-zone selected ​

  • Uncheck “Cluster tours on the same day” within the dashboard​

To do this go to the client dashboard, under Account>Preferences>Scheduling Section. Under the scheduling Section you will see a box that says "Cluster tours on the same day" That box must be unchecked to allow full calendar availability

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