When looking at your performance, you can click within the report, in this instance “Monthly Property Breakdown” to select the data you want to dive into. From there, click on the three dots (overflow menu) to view your exporting options.​

Within this sub-menu, you’ll see that you can Export to CSV or Excel, providing you with the flexibility to make YOUR data work YOUR way. ​

Did you know you can download your current screen, visuals and all, to a PDF? To do this, click on “Export” at the top, blue ribbon on your screen. From there, select “Download as PDF”. ​

Once you do this, you’ll see a message that says “Working on your PDF. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.” Shortly after this, you’ll receive the message “Your PDF is ready.” along with a button to “Download now”. Simply click this button and you’ll download a PDF, visuals and all, of the report you were looking at.​

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