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Default Sort Order: Contacts within the CRM
Default Sort Order: Contacts within the CRM

Contact order default settings within the CRM

Updated over a week ago

Previously, when entering the PERQ CRM and looking at the Main Menu Contact Page, you would see "ALL" or "MY" Contacts as pre-loaded filter options. If you were to sort the contacts, the default view is in Ascending order

Now you have a choice in the default sorting. When viewing "ALL" or "MY" Contacts you have the ability to choose the desired field within the contact manager and choose whether it appears in Ascending or Descending order.

See the images below for reference;

When you set your default, it will apply to ALL and MY Contact (My Contacts, only, on mobile) – and clicking the “apply as default” button will save your choice and close out the filter menu.

Please note: set your default, FIRST, before attempting to add additional filters, as pushing the “APPLY as DEFAULT” button will ignore all other filter requests. Once you have that set, you can use filtering as normal and hit the PERQ Purple “Apply Filters” button to see your new filter request.

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