CRM Main Menu Changes

This article reviews main menu changes within the PERQ CRM

Updated over a week ago

Within the PERQ CRM Main Menu, the name of certain items, as well as the order in which they appear, have changed. The details of those changes are below:

  • What used to be labeled as Work Follow-ups & Tasks has been updated to say Sales Dashboard

  • The "Contact Manager" tab is now un-nested and stands alone: Sales Dashboards & Contacts.

  • The Sales Dashboard will now appear first, before Contacts within the Desktop/Web views. This is the first screen you will encounter upon login.

    • The UP list will still remain the first view when on mobile.

If you are an UP list only client, you will not see any impact to your current views.

For Admin Users

  • The Traffic and Sales portion of the CRM is now nested under the settings header

    • What used to be called "Sales" is now called "Imported Sales"

This impacts the desktop/web version, only.

For Manager and Salesperson Users

  • A new section to the main menu has been added called "Template"

    • This is where Message Photo Library, Message Templates and Email Templates now live.

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