The follow up content has been written and optimized by PERQ based on thousands of interactions. To ensure that these responses continue to perform, we monitor their performance on an ongoing basis. If we determine that performance is below expectations, then we will update the follow up communications.

To provide the renter with transparency, our follow up emails contain a “from” email address that is the name of the property’s bot. This can be customized, if desired, to whatever else the property decides. The email address seen by the renter is actually an alias of unique tracking email address that allows PERQ to know how to map responses to that email address to your property’s database in the PERQ system, ensuring completeness of all interactions with that renter. It’s important to note that we do not pretend the emails come from a human, purposely to set an appropriate expectation with the renter and encourage their request for a tour if what they’re looking to do is speak to a human

The content of the follow up touches are from a library of content built by PERQ. A follow up workflow builder sits on top of the library and assigns each renter with a different follow up cadence depending on information we have on them. PERQ is constantly looking at the information we have on the renters and adjusting the workflow if their information has changes. The kinds of changes that impact the workflow are things like the rental timeline, which would impact both which emails are sent when and the stop date for the nurture cadence.

The timing and order of the cadences we send are based on considerable research and industry best practices. When we collect new information, like a new floorplan they have interest in, the cadence and content they receive will adjust based on that information.

Nurture emails stop once a lead is passed over to the CRM.

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