PERQ allows renters to opt-in within PERQ’s website experiences, we present the consumer with a lead form that includes an SMS opt-in checkbox.

Our default configuration is to include the SMS opt-in checkbox within the lead form, but it is able to be removed if that is preferred by the property. For someone to opt-in to receive SMS messages, the checkbox must be checked and they need to provide their cellphone number.

The opt-in language is configurable if a PMS wishes to update it. And, for those that require it, we do have the ability to double opt-in on SMS. The second opt-in is a reply to an SMS message.

On email, single opt-in is implied when they share their email address with the assistant. If there is a field in your CRM that captures opt-in details, we can easily map to that field, otherwise the opt-in information is passed through the notes section of the lead.

For our followup nurture touches, we operate in accordance with their opt-ins. If we get the opt-in for SMS, then we include some SMS messages as part of their follow up. If they don’t, we follow up with email only.

All of our follow up messages include the number to text us 24 hours a day. If they are not opted in but they begin to text us at that number, we ask them to opt-in to receive text messages before we begin the text conversation with them. If the consumer indicates they want to talk to someone, we are able to collect the lead through the SMS conversation itself and pass it along as a lead for the onsite team.

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