Once we get a lead into the PERQ system, we begin the follow up process using the various messages you’ve approved. We try to make the nurture process as personalized to the candidate as possible based on the information they have shared. For example, we leverage their provided rental timeline to determine a cadence for the nurture touches. In their nurture cadence, they will receive communication relevant to the floor plan they’ve expressed interest in. If they have not expressed preference for a floor plan, they will receive different messaging. All of the messaging is based on best practices gleaned from the results of thousands of follow ups over many years. While our messaging has shown to get exceptional conversion rates for our customers, you have the ability to customize or change the messaging as you see fit for your property.

Once the rental timeline has been reached, the nurture process discontinues. We are building future capability of beginning automated outreach after a year has elapsed to capture new leads around their renewal date.

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