Message Usage Reports

This article explains how to use message usage report to track success.

Updated over a week ago

Message usage reporting is now available to Managers and Admins in PERQ CRM.

Message usage reporting contains 2 primary reports. Each report is run by location and can be filtered for the desired timeframe.

Message Usage by Template

The new Message Usage by Template report allows you to measure the success of individual email templates for a location by showing:

  • The number of messages that were sent or failed

  • How many replies or opt-outs were received

Message Usage by User

The new Message Usage by User report, also by location, helps you see a user’s SMS activity for a specific timeframe, including:

  • How many contacts a user has messaged

  • Number of messages and business cards (v-cards) sent by the user

  • Number of conversations and replies to SMS messages

In addition to evaluating high-level success, these reports also allow you to drill-down to a detailed view with the messages sent. Just click on the value for messages sent or failed to see more information.

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