PERQ has invested in minimizing the chance your property will experience double booking. It’s unlikely, but depending on your systems and process, double booking can still happen. Based on your PERQ set-up, here is what you need to know about tour conflicts and how to avoid them.

  • For properties not using a lead management integration - PERQ tours will not automatically display on the calendar in your CRM or PMS. When a tour is requested, the property should promptly contact the prospect to confirm the appointment and update the property calendar.

  • For properties using a lead management integration - PERQ’s request a tour experience will check the property calendar every 15 minutes, and remove available tour times from the scheduler that conflict with tours already on the calendar, scheduled outside of PERQ.

Whether you're on a lead delivery integration or not - when a PERQ lead requests a tour using the PERQ Request a Tour experience, the time selected will no longer show as available, unless the lead re-schedules the tour. This makes it unlikely that two PERQ leads would schedule a tour for the exact same time.

In addition, we have optional configuration options to limit when during business hours tours can be scheduled for your community.

If you’d like to explore more configuration options, need integration help, or still have questions about double booked tours - please reach out to your client success coordinator as soon as possible for guidance.

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