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Marketing Intelligence gives marketers what they need to measure, report and optimize their marketing performance and channel spend in a way that was never possible before.

At a high level, Marketing Intelligence provides one, website conversion. Real-time insights into what's converting in Google Analytics. Two, consumer insights. Consolidated reporting on all leads to learn what your audience really wants. Three, channel performance. Sophisticated multi-touch analysis to see what marketing sources are truly driving the most valuable leads and leases.

Website conversion. PERQ's Marketing Intelligence gives you access to insights in real time with one click from Google Analytics that we set up for you. The optimized Google Analytics view is integrated with PERQ's technology to improve data collecting and reporting with valuable enhancements. Whether you're the one reviewing the Marketing Intelligence data or a PEEQ data expert is helping you, you'll have the most sophisticated Google Analytics account in the industry to improve your website conversion and marketing spend.

Consumer insights. As you gain more leads from your website, our data gives you valuable insights that show you what your audience is looking for in floor plans, amenities, and the local area. Clients use this data to not only increase their confidence in developing messaging and graphics for marketing campaigns, but also planning remodels or events for properties.

Channel performance. With the big increase in leads you receive from PERQ, you also get the added value that each one of those comes with tracking so you can see which marketing sources they visited prior to reaching your website. All of those sources played a part in successfully getting the lead to your website and should be accounted for in a channel performance evaluation. We do this with multi-touch attribution. We also understand that not all leads are created equal. For example, leads that go through multiple experiences on your website or schedule a tour are more likely to lease than others. We account for this with weighted values in our channel performance analysis we provide. This in combination with multi-touch attribution means you will never have any doubt on what sources provide the best leads and leases. We can even narrow down this data to the campaign level. With multi-touch attribution, you will be able to see the true performance and revenue of your marketing spend.

Now, armed with Marketing Intelligence, you will have a tremendous amount of data to make more informed decisions on how to improve NOI. Your client success manager makes it easy for you by providing digestible business reports so that you can either analyze the data to make improvements or use our professional data experts team to help you recommend improvements. With the power of marketing intelligence, start shifting the conversation from traffic and leads to investment and return today.

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