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With over 20 million consumer data points from 500 plus communities, PERQ offers a turn key Multifamily marketing cloud that empowers marketers with data-driven strategies to bridge the gap between digital marketing and in person leases. In this video, we'll dive into PERQ's Website Conversion software and show how on average PERQ customers using the product see five times increase in website leads. Three times increase in time on site, 15% of leads schedule a tour, five times more information in personal profiles and two times number of leases influenced by the property website. We see these results because website visitors want to share their information with you to get help they need on your website. Over the next few minutes, we will dive into a few of our mini interactive experiences. You'll have a deeper understanding of how PERQ's Website Conversion software can help you reach your lead in lease goals. With only one line of code, we are able to go live on your website.

When visitors first lands on your website, we make them aware of the tool. The onboarding lets the prospect know that the tool is there to help them. The first thing you're going to see after onboarding is new customer welcome. This card shows a two year free rate incentive. We give out a grand prize each year to one winner across all client registrations. For this demo, we'll select no thanks. Now that you've seen the tool, let's talk about a few options you'll have. Using one of our three designs with additional font options and your logo and brand color, we will design the product to fit your property and personalize the visitor experience on your website. Let's move on into floor plans page where we will find some of the more robust experiences that consumers like to interact with. When prospective renters are considering different properties, it is typical that they could be viewing up to a hundred floor plans across 10 different properties.

Providing an easy, memorable experience at this point in their journey will set you apart. Supported by over 20 million data points, we know that right now when the renter is feeling the most overwhelmed, is a perfect time to offer some help. The floor plan match tool makes it easier and more enjoyable to discover what your property has to offer. Like a quiz, the tool collects information about each renter and what they're looking for in their next home. Curious website visitors love these quiz-like experiences because they are different and interactive so much so they don't even realize they're providing you with valuable marketing data and insights for your onsite team. For example, on a tour with this prospect, you'd be sure to show them a unit with a balcony, granite countertops and in unit laundry

Before showing the results, we collect all of the information the lead provided and add it to your CRM. When the visitor clicks on see match, we show the results. On top is the primary match, in this case, the White River. This is the first result because it has almost everything that the prospect is looking for. And because they told us they were budget conscious, it's definitely within their price point. Our research has shown that consumers really like choices, so we offer a second choice knowing that will increase the probability that the lead stays on your site. The second choice is only $150 more, but it has everything the prospect said they were looking for. So the technology is even prompting an upsell. By clicking on the result, we'll go to the floor plan details page. Here, you'll notice a new set of experiences specific to this page, such as favorite this floor plan, check special offer, rent calculator, and request a tour.

If the renter likes this floor plan, they can hit this heart to favorite it and save it for later. Favorites make it easier for leads to come back to your website at a later time and pick up their search right where they left off. Every time the prospect is recognized, their saved floor plans will be available here. Now let me go back to the homepage to show you one more experience. This experience helps website visitors learn about your neighborhood and imagine themselves living at your property. On the flip side, it helps you by adding even more information to the prospect's profile. Based on what the prospect tells us in the experience, we generate results using an integration with Yelp to list everything in the community that matches the prospect's criteria. Now, prospects can feel confident that your community has everything they need and you now know more about what community features are important to your renters.

If you're a property with retail space, this information can be great for helping to attract and retain tenants. If you know that 70% of your prospects care about shopping, 80% about dining, you'll have data back up your claims, improved desire in your market for shops and restaurants. Now that we've walked through some of your most popular experiences, imagine if 6% to 8% of your website traffic did the same. Specifically for this prospect, John, we know that he wants a two bedroom, two bathroom. He is price conscious. He doesn't want to pay more than $1,350 a month, he cares about a balcony, a walk-in closet and in-unit laundry. He cares about family activities, cultural events, the outdoors and wants to be close to fitness centers, a grocery store and a library. We even automate the personalized follow up with our Lead Nurture solution. This kind of information also takes all of the guesswork out of touring.

By answering all of your questions ahead of time, the prospect knows you can spend valuable tour time showing them features of your property that you know there'll be most interested in. Speaking of tours, now is a great time for you to see that this is a cross device solution that gets more prospects to visit your property. After submitting their information, every PERQ lead will receive an email summarizing their experience and encouraging them to come back to your website and schedule a tour. Even though 27% of leads end up coming back to your website on a different device, each lead enjoys a seamless experience. Right from the email, prospects are brought back to your site where they're able to pick up where they left off and continue by scheduling a tour with your property all without having to reenter any information.

Lastly, PERQ Website Conversion technology not only helps you increase the leads, tours and leases from your website, but it also creates an amazing amount of data to make you a better marketer. Learn all of the consumer data compiled from your website as well as what marketing sources your leads and leases engaged with before coming to your website. All of this is easily provided to you with Marketing Intelligence. As you've now seen, PERQ's Website Conversion software leads to an on average five times increase in website leads, three times increase in time on site, 15% of leads schedule a tour, five times more information and personal profiles, and two times number of leases influenced by the property website, all by having consumers wanting to share their info in return for giving visitors personalized information back in real time.

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