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We're now going to dive into VIP appointments. This is going to be the great way you're going to use to really accentuate the great brand experience you're trying to bring with this new digital sales strategy. So we're really going to dive into exactly how do you create these, what's the value around them and how should you execute leveraging them?

So the first thing to dive into is the value of the VIP appointment. First, we want to know that you need to use these to make the consumer feel special, that they're getting something great from you and encourage them to make you be their first stop when they decide to take that busy Saturday and decide whether they’re buying furniture.

It also is a great way to have your sales team be able to encourage other appointments besides that normal Saturday that they come and shop. So would somebody come on a Thursday mid-afternoon if they knew they were receiving something special from you with this VIP appointment? It also can create a meaningful reason for your team to feel comfortable reaching out to consumers to be able to say, "Why don't you schedule an appointment?" To the consumer without having a VIP appointment ready to offer them, they may be thinking, "Well, won't you just be there anytime I stop by the store?" So this creates a great way mentally for your team to feel like they have something valuable to offer, to get that appointment scheduled and also encourage the consumer to want to schedule it.

And lastly, it helps set you apart from the competition. So everybody else is just sitting back waiting for that consumer to walk in the door. You're reaching out letting them know you have something special to offer.

So now let's dive into how should you think about creating what your VIP appointment experience will be. So there's three questions to ask yourself. First, what can you provide the consumer that they can't do on their own? So think about that. They're shopping in your store. They can go look at the furniture, they can see the price, but when you have that consultant show up to help them, what are all the unique things that you could do if you were thinking, if you knew ahead of time what they were interested in. So you could have a lot of things prepared for them ahead of time that could help the consumer save time, have a more personalized and better experience. We're wanting to really think through those things. And then lastly, what are the special touches you could provide that make that individual feel special that when they leave would actually feel whether they buy or not, that was awesome.

So an examples of what to think through on the VIP appointment items. So on the help them save time area, we're ultimately looking for all those things that you could have prepared ahead of time by reaching out and getting some questions answered once the consumer engages. You can then have your team have those be able to be prepared to when somebody walks in the store, you're then greeting them by name and helping to continue that experience. That greeting them by name is part of that, make them feel special piece and it begins before they even begin, walk in the store by being prepared with the questions you need to be asking to be prepared for that VIP appointment.

But we also want to start thinking of the additional special items, like what kind of beverage, offer a glass of wine. Would go a long way to being able to make them feel comfortable and ready be able to purchase from you. But all those things add up to truly be able to create that VIP appointment by saving time and making them feel special.

So once you have your VIP appointment, we now start looking at how can we leverage it to be able to get more of them. So the first thing that we're going to do with the PERQ experience is, you will have the opportunities to be able to have special consultations or VIP appointments offered to the consumer on the website before they even talk to one of your special team members. It also will then be used in follow up. So if they don't schedule on the website, we will be reaching out to them automatically making it very easy for them to schedule a consultation before they even need to talk to anybody.

You also will use the VIP experience in the appointment process, in the followup. So this is when your team is actually reaching out to people who were on the website, didn't schedule a consultation directly from there, but now you're offering to reach out to help. And "Oh, by the way, maybe I should just bring you in store to where you could have a special appointment where we can continue this conversation further." That makes it more likely that they actually not only visit your store, but select a special and dedicated time that you can be ready to deliver that great experience.

And then lastly, we had several of our clients actually take the VIP appointment experience and take it much further by actually creating a VIP program. This is something that can just be entire, across your entire customer base of where you have a monthly opportunity of something special for VIP program members. This can be special offers, special events, special gifts if they come in the store. So many opportunities to be able to begin your VIP experience with your brand by starting on getting your VIP appointment ready to be using.

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