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We're now going to dive into one of the most important pieces to make sure you get off to a great start with your digital sales strategy, and that's setting the vision and the alignment with your team. So what do we mean by alignment? Well, that's making sure that we create a great vision to be able to motivate your team to be excited about the digital sales journey that you're going to be on. It's making sure we identify the potential buy-in obstacles across your overall team to make sure everyone is aligned for great success. It's choosing your champion, making sure we choose the right person to be able to carry forward the success across all your team members, and then making sure we have all the pieces aligned to be able to get off to a great start and then defining the goals that you want to achieve in your first 90 days of your digital sales strategy.

Now the great news is that you're going to have just a little bit of homework when you get started with this, but you will have a great consultant in your digital sales trainer from PERQ to guide you along the way in getting started. So now let's cover a couple of these pieces so you can be better prepared to be able to be off to a great start.

So the first thing we're going to do is look at the vision. We want to be able to have a vision statement that can motivate your team, that conveys how important this is to you in your organization. So we have a couple of examples here that you can look to, to be able to have for inspiration, but we encourage you to be able to find a motivational statement that you know conveys exactly what you're wanting your team to accomplish and what it can mean for your customers with this new digital sales strategy.

Once you actually know that you're moving forward with this, we want to be able to make sure we have all the buy-in from your team. So what are the potential obstacles that we can actually cover that some people may have a little bit of hesitancy in actually executing the digital sales strategy? We want to be able to know those upfront with you because we are experienced in making sure everyone gets off to a great start and is motivated on this journey.

Once we have the initial buy-in covered off on all the team members that are helping to be able to execute this digital sales strategy, we want to make sure we carry that forward. And one of the best ways to have that is to have a great champion. Now I like to be able to think about a champion as being that person who is like in the gym, your personal trainer that's helping you be able to have a better workout than what you would have alone and is helping you really do it on the days that maybe you just didn't want to do it. So this person needs to be highly motivated and they also need to be accountable to owning the process and the results that come from them. This person should be high enough up in the organization to have some authority, but also knowledgeable enough of everyone's individual roles and what they're working on so that way they can really feel and understand their role and be able to help them along the way.

You're then going to work on getting started, and to be able to have that happen we need to define your initial team that you're going to be working on this with. So we want to be able to start with a smaller team and be able to have great results to start with, and they'll be able to expand throughout the organization based on their great initial success. We want to be able to define those initial goals that team, those team members will be accountable to be getting started with and we will help you be able to define the conversations goal, because that is what you're going to be wanting to first start having occur.

You will ultimately be able to see great sales success from this in-store, but it first starts with making sure, are we having conversations with customers before they're in our store?

Ultimately you're after to be able to achieve this. Can we see that we are taking anonymous website visitors and turning into 3% of those into actionable leads we can follow up with? Are we taking half of those and being able to get conversations out of them of what we like to call digital ups? And then are we getting the in-store sales from this of 20%? That's an amazing goal to be going after, and then that will end up leading to over 15% of your revenue will be attributed back to the website, which will open up a whole new world to you on how powerful digital sales and digital marketing can be for your organization.

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