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Now let's dive into the eight steps to digital sales success that we put together with Kain University, taking the best practices that they have found that have worked in other industries and then adjusted to be able to fit particularly home furnishings industry and your team. 

Vision and goals. You will see opportunity to be able to paint a brand new vision for your store as to how to leverage your website to drive revenue that can actually benefit sales team members. In that, you will also learn how to be able to have the appropriate alignment with your team members on the vision, the strategy, and the expectations you have for your team. That way, everyone is aligned before anyone actually gets started on this.

Important to also cover is the customer experience. It's important for everyone to realize that this isn't just about helping you be able to make more money. It's actually how the consumer is wanting to purchase. Picture being the only furniture retailer that is actually looking to be able to help people where they actually want to be able to get the answers to their questions covered, and that is from the comfort of their home or on the go, not always having to pick up the phone or visit you to be able to get those answers. It's a great way to be able to provide a better customer experience, and as a result you will then drive more revenue for your sales team and for your store.

Also, people and structure. How is it that you actually staff and handle these digital ups and help be able to turn them into in store opportunities? There are certain people who excel at this and there are certain structures to be able to employ that maximize success. You will also then be able to learn more about the lead follow-up processes that people and structure is intended to be able to execute. It's important that we actually follow particular processes so that we can better measure and improve.

Also, for your sales team there will be communication tactics, best practices that we have found that actually encourage a higher rate of response, and therefore likelihood to end up making a purchase with your team. 

We also have a series of videos intended to be able to help your team better interact with the PERQ CRM. We know that not everyone has great technology experience, and so we've made sure to make these very simple and concise so that your team can navigate within the CRM to be able to execute the strategy that you now have available. 

Also, when you're ready, there are advanced tactics to be able to look at how to take all the marketing data that is now attached to leads and in-store sales and be able to see which digital channels are truly producing the best for you.

Then, lastly, diving into making sure that your team understands how to manage this for the long-term, what metrics to pay attention to, how to run the reports and what activities to be able to recognize may be hurting your performance, but also how to recognize what is working great, to then be able to spread that learning to other people on your team. 

Then, what is it that we can continue to be able to do to keep providing ongoing training so that everyone continues to advance with this new strategy that you have at your service. I look forward to being able to work with you as we go deeper into each one of these to be able to help you understand how to be able to be successful at digital sales.

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