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Now let's dive into the digital sales strategy that you're trying to make possible. So the first thing that we all can recognize is that today's consumer has changed. [Online] is where she starts her shopping experience and determining where she's going to buy. A lot of people think that if they're online and they must be planning on e-commerce, that is not the case. She is planning where to buy and more often than not, is going to be in store but she's starting here. So we have to figure out how to engage them, where they're shopping. And what we also know when they're online is that today's consumer has a short attention span. She wants information personalized to her in real time while she's shopping and she wants to be able to shop on her time. Not necessarily always waiting for your store hours. But when she's ready to have help and speak to someone, she would love to have it now.

Based on what PERQ's technology your website has enabled, you have the opportunity to be able to engage her and help her in a way that no other home furnishing store is helping to be able to make possible to make her have a better experience in her purchase consideration. And what we know is that you can't play their game. Thinking of the website as a way to be able to say how is it that I get e-commerce because it's growing for Amazon and Wayfair and even companies like Havenly a startups with eCommerce is not the way to compete because you're destroying your assets that give you the best advantage to compete against them, which is your physical locations and your actual sales team. So we want to do is be able to look at how do we actually bring your assets that can give you such an advantage into the website experience.

And that's what PERQ is making possible. But then the strategy of how we get your team involved to connect them is what all this digital sales training is about. So a little bit more on how we know how you can't compete at their game and why you have such an advantage with this strategy. This is the average ticket price for Wayfair. This is publicly disclosed on their financials. This shows that they are really catering to the audience who's looking at throwing that lamp, that little bedside table into the guest bedroom right before company arrives, where they really don't care about what the ultimate quality, how long it lasts, how well it fits with everything, because they're just trying to get a purchase done quick. While you want to be able to pick these up when you can, your website should not be catering to be able to fight the Wayfair, Amazon e-commerce battle.

What we know is that our customers who are the brick and mortar local stores like you are averaging over $1,500 per transaction and that's because around 98% of your revenue is still coming from in store. And so you can keep fighting and trying to be able to take 2% and be able to turn it into 2.2% this year or embrace a new strategy to be able to say, "Most of my revenue's coming from in store, a predominantly large percentage of transactions for furniture are still occurring in someone's store." What can you do to leverage your website to when someone is considering in store purchase, you have headstart on being able to get them to buy from you. Because 80% of those transactions that are coming into your store are on your website looking to be able to research whether to come in. So the idea is to be able to connect with them through that website portal that is made possible through the PERQ's technology. Because the strategy that you have to be able to take hold of is the website is no longer e-commerce.

It's just commerce. That's where everyone is engaging to decide whether to buy furniture and ultimately deciding whether to buy it from you. So we like to be able to say today's consumer has changed, but have you? Because the place for you to sell you and all that you have to be able to offer is no longer starting in store. It has to be able to begin here. This is where we develop relationships with new loved ones that we just start in the dating process, continue ones with our friends, and be able to have in depth conversations and relationships all through this device without even having to talk to someone and definitely not starting off with having to be able to meet with them in person. So by requiring that to be able to purchase from you, it makes it more difficult to establish a relationship in the normal way that we all now communicate with our friends and loved ones.

So I want you to think about the last time that you bought a car. And I can usually say that unless you haven't bought a car in the last 10 years. Because for 10 years, automotive has been engaging the strategy to be able to say, "We know we have all these website visitors. How is it that we can get our sales staff to actually communicate with those people?" Because they didn't have this confusing thing called the shopping cart on their website to be able to feel like, "Here's how I'm hoping to be able to get money from this website." They had to figure out how to pull them into the dealership.

Now the last thing we want is for you to be able to start going into car dealer mode and thinking that that's the ultimate and only way to compete, but we do want to borrow from their strategy and tactics that they've learned to be so successful and how is it we can be able to bring that into the home furnishings industry and your store and but still bring in the softer Love's service that you're able to provide. Because it is certainly possible. Because you can be the only furniture retailer that is actually reaching out to people and as evolved to service and help them where they actually want to begin their shopping experience with you and that's from their home or on the go.

Now a couple of the downsides to overall the strategy, it's not easier. It's just better. And so we have this gym picture for a reason and that's because when you're actually working out and you decide to do it, it takes the commitment to say, "I'm determined to have a better lifestyle." In this case it's, "I'm determined to have a better strategy on leveraging my website to produce revenue versus just waiting for the door to swing and complaining and wishing that I wish I had more in store traffic." You have the opportunity to work out, if you will, and greatly change the direction that your personal career in sales is headed in home furnishings as well as what the overall store can produce in revenue. This won't be a fit for everyone. It is a fit for the person who actually understands that they, themselves, this is how they shop. If I were the one looking to buy furniture, how is it that you can cater to yourself to give yourself a better experience? Now, give that to the person who's on the other side of that website and help them choose to purchase from you.

The last thing we like to be able to leave with is you need to make the first move. There's going to be times to where you're going to have a lead come from your website that is now a digital up and you're going to have to reach out and engage with them. And we have this little dating picture here of someone actually extending flowers in the first move. Because when you think about dating, a lot of you are probably in relationships.

One of you made the first move to make that relationship happen, and if one of you didn't, that relationship would never have blossomed. They would have found, or you would have found someone else. You can either have that happen from your website where they may choose you, they may not choose you, but you're not in control of helping them be more likely to choose you if you don't make the first move in that opportunity. Because ultimately we want you thinking of the website as a way to produce digital ups and we're going to give you the training and the process to understand how to take and think about every digital up the same way you do with an in-store up. And that's an opportunity to give great customer experience, be able to help them in their transaction, and be able to produce more revenue for you while you give them a great furniture item to take to their home.

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