Color Psychology

PERQ's Plum is an essential part of our brand, and should always be present to create identity. Plum is a unique primary to have in our industry, and should be utilized to its fullest. Have a look at the other colors that make up the full spectrum of our visual identity.

Plum Shade, Gray Shade, or White should be used for all body text and bulk copy. Backgrounds are always from the primary palette and tints.

The remaining brand colors should be used purposefully and always in harmony with one another. Multiple secondary/tertiary colors can be used in tandem, with one serving as the base of the background, and the other the foreground. Those combinations should be used sparingly, like table salt.

Within a campaign, color choices should be used consistently throughout.

UI Color Ratio

When using PERQ color palette, Our primary colors (shown below) Should be used for backgrounds colors and the main sections of text. The secondary color yellow can be used as either a background, or as a text color when appropriate, but should not be chosen as a first options when the primaries haven't been exhausted. Our blue and green accents colors should be applied to call-outs, buttons, supplimentary design accents, etc. to either draw attention to and object, or to help freshen and break up negative space.

PERQ's 60-30-10 color ratio

Examples of the ratio in action

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